This KAV application provides automated scheduling, generating, formatting, storage, and distribution of reports with no manual intervention required. Any SQL report, from ETM or other Athenhealth applications, can utilize this tool. Exception reports can also be created to identify abnormal instances, such as high error trap rates, etc.  Available for all Athenahealth versions.

Reporting in ETM allows effective productivity, snapshot reports, and trending reports so that you can watch the work volume decrease as you work on root cause solutions.  The standard KAV implementation includes 3 base reports for each workflow that addresses the needs of management overall. They include:

  • Point-In-Time (PIT) reports: Provides an inventory of workflow including individual user responsibility and age of Tasks
  • Volume (VOL) Reports: Shows volume of tasks over a period of time, by the individual user, regardless of current status. This allows trending and resources allocation and root cause analysis options
  • Outcomes Report: Productivity reporting, showing not only how many tasks are resolved, but how they are resolved
  • Stage Summary: Provides a snapshot of the entire A/R on one page with the ability to drill into the details. Only available once the No Activity workflow is implemented.

You can find more information on the KAVart SE application here.