Timothy Brewis

Professional Highlights

Timothy Brewis has over 20 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has worked in clinical care for both inpatient and outpatient facilities and front and back-office business units. His broad experience offers a unique perspective in solving the challenging problems faced with healthcare. His expertise is in process design and the utilization of technology to create efficiencies. As a project manager, he excels at eliminating the communication gaps between technical, clinical, and business office staff allowing for better decisions to be achieved.

Relevant Experience

GE Centricity Client Experience

Billing Manager for a 60+ facility outpatient diagnostic group; participated in an organizational restructuring that resulted in a more efficient business model

  • ETM
    • Project Manager for complete ETM redesign focused on improving utilization Caché code modified to reduce view lag time
    • Defined ownership model and enhanced task transfer process Developed controls for ensuring task completion
    • Developed tickling system
  • PCS
    • Designed a DBMS-driven PCS No Activity Workflow setup to achieve efficiency target by eliminating premature rework
    • Implemented Self Pay Follow Up Workflow
  • PCM
    • Implementation team member
    • Setup contract models for multiple states and payers
    • Developed PCM trend analysis process to allow maximum recovery with minimal resources
  • Self Pay & Dunning
    • Project Manager for the transition from outsourced self-pay department to an in-house self-pay team
    • Redesigned Dunning table
  • Caché, DBMS, and Cognos Report Development
    • Developed daily, weekly, and monthly reports to meet operations’ informational needs
    • Workflow Specific Productivity
    • Workflow Specific Aging A/R
    • Workflow Specific Volume/Trending
    • Workflow Auditing Reports
Personal Achievements

After having worked with ETM since it was first introduced in 3.0 and implementing this product at numerous clients, Timothy has developed universal design enhancements, custom workflows, and Caché Reports that add tremendous value.

Design Enhancements

  • The Indicator Column – Prioritizes rework and reduces user workflow errors by identifying tasks that are Returned, Tickler Returns, Repeats, and Transfers
  • Tickler Returns – Workflow specific Tickling system with management-driven hard-caps
  • Returns – Workflow specific controls to educate users on mistakes and inform management of those errors
  • Automated Commercial Requeue and flip to Self Pay After Insurance
  • Rejection Roll Up with Task Queuing – Allows management to dictate Rejection ownership by rejection code and determine whether tasks are worked concurrently or sequentially ETM Stage Field - By adding Payer Position, FSC category, and new Stages the field now offers invoice level reporting with enough summary information to eliminate hours of management research just to answer the question, “What is going on with the A/R?”
  • No Redundancy Workflow Design – Through balancing controls the client dictates what, if any, redundancy exists between workflows eliminating inefficiencies caused by users sharing responsibility

Custom Workflows

  • Previsit Workflow – A registration/financial editing system that catches common issues before patients arrival and allows you to remediate them before or during the patient’s visit via integration with SCHED
  • Correspondence Workflow – Correspondence tasking with or without EDM integration that allows management to understand how much A/R is received daily, direct correspondence based on type, eliminate follow up on tasks not requiring effort, automate follow up on common types of correspondence and integrate to other ETM workflows to eliminate inefficiencies
  • Call Center Workflow – Utilizes ETM to allow call center representatives to quickly research patient accounts and drive subsequent department-specific follow up

Caché Reports & Product Development

  • Net Productivity Report – Gives users credit for work performed and discredits Returns
  • True Workable Volume Report - Workflow specific volume report that removes unworkable inventory (e.g. Claim Edits that resolve in first claim run)
  • KAVart Developer - A Caché query Automated Reporting Tool that allows clients to design reports with a pivot table, graphical, and detail formats and then schedule the outputs to be automatically updated and delivered via email or stored onto a shared drive. The product bridges the gap of real-time/automated informational needs that cannot wait on warehouse database updates

University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Masters of Business Administration
  • 4.0 GPA

University of Alabama at Birmingham

  • Bachelor of Science in Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Focus in Organizational Behavior
  • Magna Cum Laude Graduate, 3.86 GPA
  • Alpha Lambda Delta
Application Experience


  • Billing and Accounts Receivable (BAR)
  • Enterprise Task Manager (ETM)
  • Paperless Collections System (PCS)
  • Transaction Editing System (TES)
  • Payer Contracts Module (PCM)
  • Database Management System (DBMS)
  • Scheduling (SCHED)
  • Web Framework
Timothy Brewis