Noreen Garrido

Professional Highlights

Noreen Garrido has over 24 years of experience in the healthcare industry specializing in the set up of automated and electronic processes to reduce processing time and manual intervention. During this time, Noreen has worked directly with Revenue Cycle members as well as other IT personnel in the analysis, gathering of information, design and set up of such processes.

Relevant Experience

Noreen has worked in several physician billing organizations as a Programmer, Systems Analyst, and Consultant during her 19 years of healthcare experience.

  • Set up, maintenance and processing of healthcare professional electronic claims using EDI 837 standards for multiple payers across several states.
  • Set up, maintenance and processing of healthcare professional paper HCFA 1500 for multiple payers across several states.
  • Full automation of IDX claim production with the use of VAX/DCL commands.
  • Set up and maintenance of healthcare electronic payment posting processes via IDX EDI 835 payments and Reflection Scripting including bank lockbox payments, credit card payments, collection agency payments and fees.
  • Design and implementation of payment file layouts to be used with a custom-developed code to perform payment posting and client database conversions. This included the design and creation of AES routines to analyze charge and payment activity to identify invoices and individual service lines to post to.
  • Design, development, implementation, and maintenance of payment, charge and registration interfaces to and from IDX and FoxPro databases with Cache Mumps routines and VB processes using HL7/835/837 standards to be processed by the Registration Interface (IDX SIU) and/or Payment/Charge Interface (IDX EDI).
  • Design, development, and implementation of standalone custom applications to automate processes across multiple systems using a combination of several systems such as DOS commands, DCL commands, Visual Basic, FTP, Excel, Cache Mumps, ASP, and AUTOMATE 8.0.
  • Custom report design, production and maintenance from several IDX applications (BAR, TES, SCHED, REG) using Cache Mumps, IDX DBMS queries, VBA Excel, and SQL.
  • Development and implementation of Reflection VB Scripts for use with IDX to simulate payment posting, copy patients from the production system to the test system, demand claims, and update registration among others.
  • Development of Add-On to customize Outlook to the client’s needs.
  • VAX/VMS system monitoring.
  • Design, development, and implementation of Custom Patient Statement using Cache Mumps Programming. This included the design of a new statement with the OCR line and the interface to transmit the data from and to the bank.
  • Development of custom Electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOB) via IDX/AES (Mumps programming) to replace paper EOB sent with paper HCFA 1500 to eliminate manual work. This included printing manipulation to allow EOB to print together with the claim.
  • ETM Implementations.

Technical Consultant
KAV Consulting, LLC
2014 - Present

Systems Analyst
Medcentrix Inc., Berwyn, IL
2011 - 2014

Computer Programmer
Adare Health Inc., Palos Height, IL
2009 - 2011

Technical Consultant
Springfield Service Corporation, Tinley Park, IL
2001 - 2009

Technical Consultant
Various organizations

Systems Analyst
Advocate, Park Ridge, IL
1999 - 2000

Computer Programmer
MacNeal Hospital, Berwyn, IL
1997 - 1999

Computer Programmer
Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, Chicago, IL
1995 - 1997


The George Washington University, Washington, DC 1994

    • Master of Science in Operations Research (formerly a branch within Industrial Engineering - A mix of Mathematics, Statistics, Probability, Data Analysis, and Computer Sciences)
    • US Department of Agriculture Intern
  • University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus, Puerto Rico 1988
    • Bachelor of Science in Computational Mathematics (A mix of Mathematics, Statistics, Probability and Computer Sciences)
    • National Science Foundation Funding Recipient (MARC Program)
Application Experience
  • IDX/Centricity Business: BAR, REG, SCHED
  • EDI Tool Kit: CLAIMS 837/PAYMENTS 835
  • Claim Form Generator
  • DBMS (report writer and screen builder)
  • AES (Mumps programming)
  • ETM (Enterprise Task Manager)
  • Visual Basic to develop stand-alone applications
  • Visual Basic for Applications (Excel, Outlook, MS Word, MS Access, Reflection)
  • FTP, HL7, DCL, SQL, Fox Pro
  • Open VMS
  • Basic Knowledge of ASP pages, JavaScript
Noreen Garrido