We offer a multitude of services that clients can take advantage of. These services include business and workflow assessment, application support, interim management, workflow implementation and reporting.

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Our focus has become Enterprise Task Manager (ETM). In cooperation with Athenahealth, we have created a premier set of ETM workflows that consist of effective processes, a consistent backbone, and premium reporting.

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KAVart SE is a reporting tool that automates the execution, formatting, distribution, and notification of Caché SQL reports. KAVart SE does not warehouse data but instead utilizes an ODBC connection to execute reports directly against the Caché database

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Keep Adding Value

KAV Consulting is a small firm specializing in Athenahealth applications that improve overall processes, positively impact cash collections and bring value to organizations we work with. In maintaining our small team we also maintain a high level of quality and commitment to our clients.

We are not contractors who approach a project with an attitude of "Tell me what to do." We are true consultants, as a team having an average of 25+ years of experience in healthcare billing and information technology. Not only do we know the system, we understand the process, the goals, and how to get there.

Since 2003


If your issue relates to the KAVart SE application then please submit an SR with Athenahealth.