KAV Benefits

Beyond any increase in efficiency, which is a given, there are additional benefits that will be experienced including, but not limited to:

  • Solid, controlled workflows with reconciliation and elimination of missed items and/or ‘black holes in the process
  • Enhanced reporting including point-in-time, trending and productivity reporting
  • Opportunities to provide effective productivity reporting on effective processing of tasks, not just touches
  • Enhanced quality assurance possibilities for auditing staff
  • Consistent training methods across the majority of workflows

The implementation of ETM Expert Workflows reaches far beyond the basic starter set install. Our enhanced implementation includes the following benefits:

  • Integrated workflows to eliminate redundant follow-up in different areas. For instance, in the standard implementation of insurance follow-up, invoices pending claim edits or rejections would continue to appear in the insurance follow-up View, requiring unnecessary staff effort to defer activity.
  • Workflow-based controls that eliminate ‘black holes’ and provide feedback to staff of incorrect processing by including ‘Returns’ in the workflow. If an item is processed incorrectly, instead of allowing it to move on in the workflow, it is returned to the user the next day for additional processing.
  • From a productivity perspective, we have created the concept of Outcomes in the workflow. Instead of just counting items as complete, the user selects an Outcome associated with their task. This allows management to understand what resolution path is taken on tasks and, not only provides a secondary level of productivity but also allows the analysis of the tasks and provides information to automate or change processing based on these Outcomes.
  • Reporting from ETM has been enhanced with the KAV Consulting implementation as well. We not only provide reports that are more beneficial than the standard starter set, including trending reports as well as reports on productivity and snapshots, but these reports can be scheduled, produced and automatically distributed via email or server access.